The University of Arizona

Fall 2021 Season Membership

Below is everything you need to know about being a member of the 2021 Pride of Arizona Marching Band. We are very excited about the upcoming season! The POA is a highly visible organization that represents not only the University of Arizona at football games, but also the University of Arizona Athletics Department and the Fred Fox School of Music. Built on musical and visual excellence, our nationally recognized POA marching band offers its members the opportunity to perform on a national stage at the highest possible level. We want the “Pride” to be a significant life experience that you will remember forever!

Please read the following information carefully.


* ALL STUDENTS must be registered for course MUS 400B/500B, or Pima Community College course MUS 200, including auxiliaries. You will not be allowed to participate in any performances until you are registered. Students having trouble registering through UAccess should refer to the Office of the Registrar Change of Schedule information.

UArizona Students: You may register for course MUS 494 section 121 (MUS 694 section 121 for grad students) for variable credit hours (1-3) in addition to MUS 400B/500B (1 credit hour), for a total of up to 4 credits for marching band. MUS 400B/500B is still required. This additional course is optional. IMPORTANT: While MUS 400B/500B will be graded traditionally (A, B, C, D, E), MUS 494-121/694-121 will be graded alternatively (S, P, F).

PCC Students: MUS 200 is set at 2 credits.

** ALL STUDENTS must complete the Student Profile form, including auxiliaries. This form is critical for our band to operate effectively.

Your attendance and participation in the dates and times listed on the Fall Schedule is mandatory. Reserve these dates on your calendar now. In addition to our regular rehearsals (MWF 3:00pm – 5:50pm, and some Saturdays 8:00am – 12:30pm), the “Pride” may also be involved in other commitments including bowl trips during the winter break. Please allow for this possibility in your schedule as these events are also mandatory.


Our pre-season rehearsals will begin on Saturday, August 14, and continue through Friday, August 20. During this time we will learn pre-game and at least Part 1 of our primary halftime show.

Band Camp is a week filled with difficult challenges, amazing growth, and character building as you all work to become the “Pride of Arizona” Marching Band. You should arrive for rehearsals in good physical shape, wearing appropriate outdoor athletic gear including shoes (no sandals). We highly recommend shorts and hats as temperatures in Tucson are in the low 100’s in mid-August. Plenty of water and sun-block are a must! Please bring your own supply including a gallon water jug with your name on it. You will also be responsible for providing your own meals.

Keep practicing this summer so that you can arrive ready to play, dance, spin, and twirl at the highest level. We want to create the finest possible experience for you, and your preparation is critical to reaching that goal.

Placement Auditions (Wind Players)

Auditions are mandatory and will begin promptly at 9:00 AM on the first day of Band Camp. These auditions are playing interviews that are meant for part placement and determining reserve status. These are not meant to be stressful. Keep practicing throughout the summer. Band Camp will be here before you know it!


Flute players must play a piccolo.

Clarinets and Saxophones will play on Legere Synthetic reeds.

  • Clarinets must play on the European Cut
  • Alto and Tenor Saxophones must play on the American Cut
  • Bari Saxes must play on the Signature Cut

NOTE: In general, we encourage woodwinds to play a 3.5 strength (Vandoren) reed in most cases. This translates to a Legere 3.5 for Clarinets, a 3.5 for Altos and Tenors, and a 3.5 for Bari Saxes. Here is a comparison chart for what strength Legere reed to purchase.

If you are renting a Fred Fox School of Music supplied instrument, you will need to purchase/provide your own mouthpiece. See below for the model of mouthpiece we require.

  • Sousaphones: Conn Helleberg 120-S or a PT-50
  • Baritones: Schilke 51D
  • Mellophones: Curry 1HTF
  • Bari-sax: Yamaha YAC-1295 5C

Instrument Rental

The Fox School of Music Pro Shop is located in the Fred Fox School of Music, Room 136. University provided instruments will be checked out on the first day of Band Camp. After the first day, you may check out an instrument by appointment only. Make an appointment here.

The use of a School of Music instrument is a privilege extended to you by the University of Arizona Fred Fox School of Music. You must have a photo ID and know your student ID or NetID in order to check out an instrument. If you do not, please consult your UAccess Student Portal.

Bari saxes, mellophones, baritones, and sousaphones are available for a $75 rental fee plus a $75 deposit. (Other instruments are not rented to the Marching Band unless approved by Carson Scott). Your Bursar’s account will be charged for this rental when you check out your instrument. No cash or checks will be accepted. The deposit will be credited to your Bursar’s account if the instrument is returned on time and in the same condition as when the instrument was checked out. This deposit does not carry over from year to year. All students must pay the above fees in order to be issued an instrument. Scholarships do not waive these fees.

If you are a Pima Community College student the instrument rental fee is $150 payable only by cashier’s check or money order. There is no refund given for Pima students.

It is your responsibility to report any damage, theft, or loss immediately to Professor Shoopman and Carson Scott with the date, time, and details of the event. Please include your contact information. Use this form to report an incident. Telling a staff member or student does not qualify as appropriately reporting damage. You will be held responsible for associated costs.

All instruments must be returned clean and in working order to the Fred Fox School of Music Pro Shop by January 24, 2022 or your deposit will be forfeit and your Bursar’s account will be charged for the replacement cost of the instrument. Sousaphone check-in will be scheduled separately. Those people needing instruments for Pep Band during the second semester must renew their checkout by this date or they will forfeit their deposit.

The Fred Fox School of Music has a limited number of instruments available for check-out. If you find during the season that you no longer need to use the instrument that you checked out, please return it as soon as possible to the Fred Fox School of Music Pro Shop so that someone else may use it.

NOTE: Any questions or problems regarding instrument rental should be directed to Carson Scott at 520-621-9853.


Hats and Shirts

At Band Camp Registration, all students will receive a red hat, red Bear Down Friday Polo, a Show shirt and a “Pride” Performance shirt. The total purchase cost for these items is $30. Please note: You must pay for these items with a check or money order only. Make checks payable to “University of Arizona” for $30 and ensure your name is on the check or money order.

Shoes, Gloves, Lyres, Flip Folders, Extra Flip Folder Pages

All wind players must purchase the required items listed below. There are many places you may find these required items. The links below are from Band Shoppe. These are provided to direct you to the exact product we require. However, you may purchase these items from any vendor including, but not limited to, Instrumental Music Center (IMC). You are responsible for purchasing the items listed below. You must have all of the following in your possession at the first day of Band Camp.

  • Gloves-half: Piccolo and Clarinet; 3 pair minimum (SELECT WHITE COLOR)
  • Gloves: All brass, Alto, Tenor, and Bari Saxes; 3 pair minimum (SELECT WHITE COLOR)
    For all school owned instruments: Mellophone, Baritone, Sousaphone, and Baritone Saxophone players should buy extra gloves (more than 3 pair) to use in rehearsals.
  • Lyre: Search for your instrument (SELECT SILVER COLOR)
    Mellophone players – order ”Universal Trumpet.”
    Piccolo and tuba players do not need to purchase lyres.
  • Folio Folder (SELECT BLACK COLOR)
    Please make sure to order an extra box of folio replacement sheets: Folio Sheets

Summary of Who Should Purchase What

  • Everyone:
    • Show shirt
    • “Pride” Performance shirt
  • Winds and Percussion:
    • Marching shoes
  • Winds:
    • 3 Pair (minimum) of gloves
    • Flip folder
    • Flip folder sheets
    • Flip folder lyre


You will be issued your uniform during band camp. If you feel you may need a uniform that is larger or smaller than an average size, please call or email us with your jacket and waist size right away. Otherwise, you will fill out a separate form at uniform checkout during band camp.



Parking permits for Band Camp and throughout the regular season will be available for $183. This evening permit is valid daily from 2:30 p.m. in all surface lots beginning August 16. After marching season, the permit may be returned for a prorated refund if you do not wish to keep using it. This parking option is offered for your convenience and is NOT mandatory. Permits will be available for purchase at the Parking & Transportation office beginning August 1.


If you are living in a University dorm this Fall, you will be able to check into your room early on Friday, August 13. Please refer to the early move in details for important information. If you have not done so already, be sure to submit your Housing Application Form as well. If you apply for housing, you will receive an email from the Housing Office in late July notifying you of your housing assignment. At this time you will be able to sign up for the early move-in for Marching Band. There will be a $165 non-refundable application fee that will be applied to your Bursar account, and will need to be paid in full by the first day of the semester (August 23, 2021).


  • Everyone must be registered for marching band, including auxiliaries.
  • Everyone must complete the Student Profile Form, including auxiliaries.
  • Musicians will receive their music in July. If you do not, please call the Band Office (520-621-1683).
  • Practice Rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis. If you need one, please contact the Fred Fox School of Music at 520-621-3065 for more information.
  • Flute players – find a piccolo!
  • Clarinets and Saxophones – purchase and use proper reeds!
  • Be prepared for the hot weather.
  • Bring athletic shoes – do not march in sandals, boots, ballet slippers, etc.

Note: We can only accept personal checks or money orders for the in-person purchases. Please plan accordingly and come prepared.

If you have questions, please contact us.